​Year 8 History Trip to Pedro St. James

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​Year 8 History Trip to Pedro St. James

​As part of our history course exploring the creation and development of empires over the years 1500-1900, the year 8’s were looking at the role slavery played in the Caribbean and British Empire. As we endeavour to make history relevant and promote links to our local history, our CHPS Humanities department took the whole year group to Pedro St. James to learn about the significance of our islands National Historic site.

The year group were treated to a film that charts the history of the site, form its origins as a plantation house, to its role as the “Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands”, where the decision was made to form the first elected government, to the place where the proclamation for the end of slavery in the British Empire was read. The students were then given a tour of the grounds and the main building from the staff at Pedro.

​The students found it an enjoyable experience and was valuable to show connections between a course that explores the wider impacts of Empires on the world and our little island in the corner of the Caribbean.

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