Head of Pastoral

Head of Pastoral

Natasha Chopra

At Cayman Prep and High School, we believe that all students have an entitlement to a broad, balanced, creative and coherent curriculum that should prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.  They should be equipped with the skills, attitudes and dispositions they need to become well-rounded individuals and life-long learners whilst instilling a love of learning.


In order for students to think for themselves the curriculum should be enquiry based.  It is important that students are responsible for their own learning enabling them to plan and show initiative; persevere and have a commitment to self-improvement.

Content is likely to be retained if it is structured around powerful learning situations that relate to pupils and have meaning in their everyday lives.
Prof. Maurice Galton

In the past, the curriculum prepared students with skills and knowledge for a lifetime of work in specific, well-understood occupations.  In the 21st century, the curriculum must prepare students for working lives that may span a range of occupations, many of which may not currently exist.  An increasing number of students are likely to work in cross-disciplinary teams that form and re-form around emerging challenges, often resulting from advances in digital technologies.  To prepare students for life and work of this kind, the school curriculum needs to include a greater focus on the collaborative solution of real, complex problems.

Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching are the core purpose of what we do.  High quality learning, teaching and subsequently achievement is what we want for every child within the school.  Across our school the expectation is that all students are provided with high quality learning experiences which lead to consistently high levels of student progress and achievement.  Teaching at CPHS, means that each element of whole school and classroom practice is designed with an understanding of how children learn best at its heart. Learning is the overriding focus of all activity in our school. Every learning experience should be a rich, dynamic, rewarding and enjoyable experience for all our students.

​Through our teaching students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to approach the next stage of their schooling and future lives with the utmost confidence. Children should enjoy their lessons, be challenged in their learning and make rapid progress. Wherever possible we encourage our students to gain ownership of their learning, developing skills for working together in a secure and happy environment.  We believe that students learn more effectively when given opportunities to explore and enhance knowledge from all subject areas.  Every year group has adopted a thematic approach to the curriculum and teachers have considered carefully ways to make learning connections between subjects, through abstract and open-ended learning, maximising creativity when planning innovative learning opportunities.


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