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Parent Teachers Association

Who is the PTA?

All parents and teachers are members of the PTA and are encouraged to attend its meetings and take part in PTA events. Every year at the Annual General Meeting, members of the PTA elect an Executive Committee to take responsibility for carrying out the aims and objectives of the PTA and all members are welcome to put their names forward for election.

The role of the PTA

The objectives of the PTA are set out in the constitution. The key role of the PTA is to provide opportunities for regular contact between partners and teachers for the exchange of ideas and information for the good of the school and its pupils.

What you can do;

The continued active support of the PTA by the parent body is essential to the well-being of the school and its students. Please come along to PTA meetings, stand for the PTA Executive, volunteer to assist with fund-raising or get involved in the school in other ways such as being a class reps or helping with school and after-school activities.
If you have comments or suggestions, you can speak to any member of the PTA Executive or send them to the PTA email address pta@cayprep.edu.ky 

Your PTA Executive Committee Members recently elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.​

  • Mollie Heinicke    – President
  • Sandra Watler      – Vice President & Events Officer
  • John Wagner        – Treasurer​
  • Jordyn Cleaver     – Secretary & Communications Officer, Mollie Heinicke to assist
  • Amy Altneu          – Board of ​Governors PTA Rep
  • Joshua Pawlik     – Board of ​Governors PTA Rep​
  • Alan Tooker
  • Dane Ramoon
  • Elitia Vassell
  • Karen Osborne
  • Tony Catalanotto
  • ​Mercedes Cravero
  • Jonina Frederick
  • Exie Tomlinson-Panton
  • Mary Ewers
  • Elita Vassell
  • Justin Wight


  • Caroline Johnson (Primary School Rep)​
  • Sarah Uttley (High School Rep)


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