Head of Curriculum Learning and Teaching

Head of Curriculum Learning and Teaching

Mr Simon Bee


At Cayman Prep and High School, we are determined to ensure that all of our students engage with a curriculum that is broad, balanced, rigorous and innovative. At the High School, students will study curriculum schemes which have been designed to challenge, develop and interest students across a range of subjects. Curriculum content at Cayman prep and High School is carefully mapped and planned to ensure students are developing skills and building on these as they progress throughout our school.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is built around the desire to expose students to a range of disciplines through exciting schemes of work which are delivered by our excellent teachers. The High School curriculum leaders work closely with our Primary School leadership team to ensure we are building on the strong foundation they develop in their primary years.

Whilst our Key Stage 4 curriculum focuses heavily on I/GCSE schemes, at Cayman Prep and High School, we want to still ensure that our students develop the skills to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens. It is our belief that although examination subjects feature heavily at this Key Stage, it is our responsibility to ensure students are learning in a range of subjects which prepare for life beyond school.

In Key Stage 5, students will normally study four subjects as AS level and three at A2 level in Year 13. Alongside these subjects, we have designed our curriculum so that students are supported pastorally, are given expert guidance with applications to Universities and have a dedicated Study Skills transition programme which helps students with the transition to studying A levels.

Learning and Teaching

As noted in our most recent inspection, the quality of teaching at the High School is ‘excellent’. This is something we are incredibly proud of and we all continue to develop as professionals through a range of teacher development schemes and courses. Many of our teachers develop their expert teaching through Masters Degree programmes, undertaking exciting courses both on island and abroad, and many of our teachers are also qualified examiners and moderators for exam boards. Our teaching at the High School aims to develop independent learning, engage students in exciting lessons and our the result of this is the outstanding outcomes at the end of our students’ school years in examinations.

We are committed to ensuring all students have access to a world class curriculum which is facilitated by excellent teachers to promote lifelong learning.​

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