Head of Academic

Head of Academic

Mr. Robert Whan

At Cayman Prep and High School we have created a dynamic, data driven curriculum that adapts to the needs of our students.


Assessment is a fundamental part of the learning process and here at the Primary School, we use numerous formative and summative assessment techniques to inform and drive learning forward, based on the needs of each individual student.  Assessment for Learning and Assessment as Learning methods are used regularly in lessons to ascertain student understanding of objectives, which feeds into the planning process and differentiation of future lessons to ensure appropriate progress is made by all students.

Summative assessments, such as the progression tests, allow us to take snapshots of learning as a whole and are used to inform our teaching practises, planning and curriculum development, ensuring that at all times, the needs of the individual are met.


We believe that all students deserve a rich and stimulating learning environment that is tailored to meet their different needs.  A holistic response, in tandem with the Growth Mindset culture and Christian Ethos of the school, ensures that our pupils become responsible, confident and independent learners that are socially aware and understand the importance of respect for all.

Staff Development

Education practices are constantly evolving and it is therefore important that our staff are well equipped to meet the demands of teaching in the 21st Century.  Here at Cayman Prep and High School, we take the continued professional development of our staff very seriously and provide numerous opportunities throughout each academic year for staff to participate in, in order to develop their own teaching methods and skills that contribute to the vision of the school. We truly are a learning community, throughout the school.

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