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​​​​Learning Support

Middle School

At CPHS, we understand that all students learn differently. We are also aware that some students find the challenges of an academic curriculum more demanding than others. This may be because of a learning disability or difference, or may simply be because of gaps in their learning.

Where possible we endeavour to meet the needs of individual students within the mainstream classroom. In the Middle School however, students who have been clearly identified by the school as requiring additional support are withdrawn from either French or Spanish to spend three lessons per week working with the Learning Support Department, to help them to build the additional skills needed for them to reach their full potential.

In addition, the Learning Support Department runs the Study Skills course which is taken by all students in Year 7. This course has been developed to help students make a more successful transition between Primary School and High School. In it, students are given the opportunity to discover how they, as individuals, can best approach learning and are introduced to a number of study skills and techniques to better equip them to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

Upper School

In the Upper School, students who have been clearly identified by the school as requiring additional support are given the option to reduce the total number of subjects studied by one subject and spend two double lessons per week in the Learning Support Department instead. During this time, these students have access to Learning Support teachers who can support them with their other GCSE/IGCSE courses. It is also an opportunity to help students with their organizational and study skills, in order to give them the maximum chance of success in all their subjects.

In addition, the Learning Support Department runs the Study Skills course which is taken by all students in Year 11. This final year of the GCSE/IGCSE course places significant demands on all students. We believe that students who are given the opportunity to learn about how they study best as individuals and understand their strengths and weaknesses as learners, will do better in their approach to learning. In the Study Skills course students are also introduced to a number of study techniques and gain an understanding of how they can best apply these to the rigors of the final examinations.

Sixth Form

All Year 12 students participate in study skills classes as well as a current affairs programme called “Here and Now!”  The ‘Here and Now!’ programme highlights local and international current affairs and discusses the various challenges students face as they leave home and enter University.  Among the topics this year have been ‘Peace One Day’, student finances, the perils of texting while driving and current affairs news competitions.

The Study Skills classes teach students about research preparation and presentation, public speaking and the various techniques for independent learning and revision for examinations.  These classes are extremely popular and highly effective in preparing students for further education.

In addition to the two programmes, we regularly invite guest speakers into school to talk with students.  Over the past year we have had speakers from the Government discuss the white paper initiative for the FCO, Guy Harvey discussing the ‘Grouper Moon’ project, Department of Environment experts on the preservation of sharks, as well as past students sharing their experiences of life after school.

All Year 13 students will spend a great deal of time preparing their applications for University.  This process is completely supported and we assist students every step of the way from the initial research and recommending institutions, to the final application and acceptance of university placement.  It is highly recommended that students arrive in Year 13 with their personal statements and initial University course choices prepared.  We aim to submit applications by half term in October of Year 13.​

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