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​​​​​​​​​​​​​The High School Uniform

​School Uniform for Y7-Y11

  • Turquoise blouse with the school crest on the pocket
  • Navy knee length school skort, OR navy school trousers
  • Plain white socks
  • Regular, black, closed, low-heeled leather shoes, not trainers
  • Navy school zip-up jacket
  • Navy or white hair accessories
  • One small pair of plain stud earrings* only
  • No make up or nail polish
  • Hair must be neatly groomed.
  • Hair accessories must be navy or white. Long hair must be tied back or plaited.
  • No hair dyes of an unnatural co​lour are allowed
  • Turquoise shirt with the school crest on the pocket
  • Plain navy school trousers. Trousers must fit at the waist and should not be baggy or drag on the floor.
  • Plain black belt
  • Plain white or navy socks
  • Navy school zip-up jacket
  • Regular, plain, black leather shoes, not trainers
  • No jewellery. Earrings, including studs, are not allowed
  • Hair must be tidy and conservative in style and length, no longer than the collar. (No tails or hair falling on the face)

Shoes: Regular black, closed low-heeled shoes are required for both girls and boys.  No platform shoes or boots are allowed.  Please remember when you are buying shoes for children that neither patent nor suede is allowed. Shoes must be closed in at the toe and heel.  Black trainers are not acceptable as shoes, but may be worn for PE.  Shoes must be kept in good repair. 

PE Kit (girls and boys):
House T-shirt;  Navy shorts
Plain black or white trainers with non-marking soles. High School students must bring PE shoes to school with the rest of the PE kit and not wear them to school.​

Labels: We strongly recommend that all items of clothing and shoes are clearly labelled.  

The Uniform Shop for Years 7-11 is based at the Primary School, please call the office on 949-5932 to confirm opening hours.
Sixth Form uniforms are available at the High School. 

Please check the links below for additional uniform help and guidance: