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​​​Sixth Form Admission (Y12-13)

​​Initial Steps

  • For entry into the Sixth Form Advanced Level Programme (the "Sixth Form") all applicants should review the A-level handbook.
  • A completed preliminary application form is required from all students wishing to enter Sixth Form, including those currently enrolled in the High School.
  • The following information must be provided:
    • Student  and parent information;
    • Passport details;
    • Whether or not the candidate will be applying for a Government Scholarship;
    • Education history listing all subjects being taken at IGCSE/ GCSE/ CXC. 
    • Evidence of previous academic qualifications and transcripts of previous school courses if applicable;
    • A-level subject preferences from the options list available on-line;
    • Career goals and personal interests.
  • The Admissions Secretary will confirm receipt of the application and set a date for a formal interview with the Head of Sixth Form, if necessary.
  • Candidates meeting the preliminary entry level requirements will then be offered a place conditional upon successfully attaining the expected examination results.
  • Evidence of external examination results from the examination board must be submitted immediately upon receipt.

CPHS Decision

  • Examination results are reviewed by the Head of Sixth Form and the High School Principal.
  • A final interview is arranged with the parents and successful candidates to discuss the results.
  • If a candidate achieves overall entry requirements but fails to achieve the grade required for a particular course the recommendation for placement on that course lies with the Head of Sixth Form and School Principal.
  • The Admissions Panel meets to finalise decisions, places being offered according to availability and examination results.
  • The final decision is communicated to the parents.

Final Steps

  • Every student must complete the Terms and Conditions and return this to the Admissions Secretary.
  • Every parent should discuss fees with Business Office in order to complete the registration process.