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​​FAQ Admissions

Q: For High School entry do candidates have to take entrance tests ?
Yes, all candidates for High School (Years 7 through 10) have to sit CPHS entrance evaluations. We have scheduled Monday January 18th 2016 as the date for entrance tests for entry into High School for September 2016.

Q: How do I arrange a tour of the Primary School?
Tours of the primary school are done on Wednesday mornings at 8:15am by appointment. The tour takes about an hour and is very informative. Please call 949 5932 or email psoffice@cayprep.edu.ky​ to​ book one.

Q: How do I arrange a tour of the High School?
Tours are available on Wednesdays at 8:15am for Sixth Form candidiates and 9:15am for Year 7-11.
Phone 949 9115 or email Caoire Kennedy at caoire.kennedy@cayprep.edu.ky to make an appointment.

Q: Is there any priority for Church members or candidates with siblings already at the school?
For registrations received by October 31st of the year prior to enrollment, priority of admission is given, in the order indicated below, to: 
  • Children who are Members, or who are children or grandchildren of members of the United Church in good standing
  • Children of active adherents of the United Church
  • Children of current and past teachers of the School
  • Children who have or have had siblings in the School
  • Children of past students of the School
  • Others in order of registration.
Registrations received after October 31st will be considered in order of the date the $300 registration fee is received.​