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​​​​​​​​Sixth Form

Students wishing to be considered for entry into the Sixth Form to study AS and A2 subjects are required to have a minimum of five I/GCSE grades A* to C/ CXC Grades 1-3, or equivalent qualifications. Students should ensure they are aware of the specific subject requirements, in order to be considered for their desired courses.

Students are required to study a minimum of three A2 subjects in year 13.

Any student who does not pass the AS exams in a specific subject at the end of Year 12 will not, unless there are exceptional circumstances, be allowed to continue with that subject to A2.

​​Subjects offered at AS and A-level

​​Sixth Form AS Level Subject Block Choices 2019-20.pdf

Subject​Entry Requirements​Course Overview
Art & Design​B grade or above in IGCSE Art. In some cases a student with a C grade or an impressive portfolio or sketchbook can be considered for entry to the course. Art Overview.pdf

B or BB in Biology IGCSE, CXC Grade 1 or 2 in Biology, Desirable to have Grade or 1 in Maths.  

Biology Overview.pdf
​Business StudiesGrade B or 2 in Maths and EnglishBusiness Studies Overview.pdf
ChemistryCompulsory requirements: B in Chemistry, CXC Grade 1 in Chemistry, BB in coordinated science (double award). Desirable to have Grade or 1 in Maths.  Chemistry Overview.pdf
​​Drama​Grade B in GCSE English Literature or Language or CXC Level 2 (in both English A or English B) Drama Overview.pdf
​EconomicsIGCSE grade B or CXC 2 in English Language and IGCSE grade B or CXC 2 in Mathematics. No previous subject knowledge is required.Economics Overview.pdf
​​English Literature (CIE)​Grade B in English and English Literature GCSE or level 2 in CXC English Language or LiteratureEnglish Lit (CIE) Overview.pdf
​French & SpanishAt least a grade B in the relevant language at IGCSE.  Some students will be required to have a conversation in order to gauge oral skills in the language of choice. Spanish and French Overview.pdf
​GeographyAt least B or above at IGCSE or a level 2 or above at CXCGeography (CIE) Overview.pdf
​HistoryAt least B or above at IGCSE or a level 2 or above at CXCHistory (CIE) Overview.pdf
​Information TechnologyCompleted a Cambridge IGCSE course, or the equivalent, in Information and Communication Technology or in Computer Science with a C grade.IT Overview.pdf
​Marine Science

B in Biology or Chemistry, CXC Grade 2 in Biology or Chemistry, BB in coordinated science (double award). Desirable to have a second science at grade B/2 or B/2 in Maths​

Marine Science Overview.pdf
​Mathematics​Grade A in IGCSE mathematics, grade A at WJEC mathematics or a grade 1 at CXC mathematics.Maths Overview.pdf
​Further Mathematics​​A or A* at IGCSE and grade 1 at CXC​​Further Math Overview.pdf
​MusicPlay a musical instrument to Trinity (or equivalent) Grade 5 and above, be able to read music and have an understanding of music theory equivalent to grade 5 Trinity theory level. Students who have studied music at GCSE would be at an advantage; however this is not a prerequisite.Music Overview.pdf
​PhysicsCompulsory requirements: A* or A in Physics, CXC Grade 1 in Physics, AA in coordinated science (double award). Desirable to have Grade or 1 in Maths.  Physics Overview.pdf
​Pyschology​Grade B in English or grade 2 at CXC English. IGCSE grade C in Maths.Psychology Overview.pdf
​​Sports & PE (WJEC)Benefit from previous experience at GCSE and also need to be playing sport at a competitive level outside of school.  The course requires a lot of research, independent essay writing and reading. Final selection will be dependent upon interview.Physical Education (WJEC) Overview.pdf
​Travel & TourismGrade B in English Lit or Language and a grade C in maths or a 3 at CXCTravel and Tourism Overview.pdf