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​​​​Whole School

​Summer Uniform Shop                        Summer Uniform Shop (3).png

Attendance Policy                               CPHS Attendance Policy.pdf

E-safety Policy                                     E-Safety Policy.pdf

Uniform Shop Opening      ​ ​                Uniform Shop Opening Hours 2018-19.pdf

Term Dates 2018-19​                            CPHS Term Dates School Calendar 2018-2019.pdf

Term Dates 2019-20                           ​ CPHS Term Dates 2019-2020.pdf

Being Sun Smart (Nurse Emily)            ​Being Sun Smart.pdf

Dr Rebeca's Sun Safety Presentation   Cayman Prep Sun Protection Slides.pdf

​Volunteer Policy                                   Volunteers Policy CPHS 2018.pdf

Volunteer Application                          Volunteer Application and Agreement.pdf

Complaints Procedure                         ​CPHS Complaints Procedure.pdf

Primary School 

​​New Library Hours                               NEW LIBRARY HOURS SIGN.pdf

​Primary School Handbook                   Primary Parent Handbook 2018-2019.pdf

​Afterschool Care Info                           AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAMME.pdf


Primary School Newsletters

​Welcome Back Newsletter                       Back to School Newsletter August 2018.pdf

October 2018 Newsletter                         Primary Newsletter - Oct 2018.pdf

December 2018 Newsletter                     ​Primary Newsletter Dec 2018.pdf

February 2019 Newsletter                        ​Primary School Newsletter - Feb 2019.pdf

May 2019 Newsletter                                Primary Newsletter May 2019.pdf

​High School​​

High School Handbook                          ​​CPHS Handbook 2018-19.pdf

​Food for Thought Menu                         FOOD FOR THOUGHT LUNCH MENU - JUNE 2019 (2).xls

​CPHS Equipment List                              CPHS School Equipment List 2018-19.pdf

Transcript Request Form                         TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM.DOCX​ (Email requests to: hsoffice@cayprep.edu.ky 

Key Stage 3 Presentation                        KS3 Parent Presentation.pdf

​​High School Newsletters

​​​CPHS Newsletter Week 1 - Welcome Back.pdf

CPHS High School Newsletter Week 2.pdf

CPHS Newsletter 14-28 Sept.pdf

CPHS Newsletter 1-12 Oct 2018.pdf

CPHS Newsletter 15 Oct - 2 Nov.pdf

CPHS Newsletter 1-16 November 2018.pdf

CPHS Newsletter 16-30 November.pdf

​​CPHS Newsletter January (1).pdf

CPHS Newsletter January (2).pdf

CPHS Newsletter February 2019.1.pdf

CPHS Newsletter Feb-2.pdf

March Newsletter.pdf

April Newsletter.pdf

High School May Newsletter.pdf

June High School Newsletter.pdf

External Exam Timetables

Years 10 and 11 Exam Timetable May-June 2019 (student copy).pdf

Years 12 and 13 Exam Timetable May-June 2019 (student copy).pdf

High School Christmas Study Guides December 2018

Year 7 Christmas Study Guide 2018.pdf

Year 8 Christmas Study Guide 2018.pdf

Year 9 Christmas Study Guide 2018.pdf

Year 10 Christmas Study Guide 2018.pdf

High School ​Year 7-10 End of Year Study Guides

​​Y7 End of Year Study Guide 2019.pdf

Y8 End of Year Study Guide 2019.pdf

Y9 End of Year Study Guide 2019.pdf

Y10 End of Year Study Guide 2019.pdf

​High School Homework Timetable 

​​Year 7 Homework Timetable 2018-19.pdf

Year 8 Homework Timetable 2018-19.pdf

Year 9 Homework Timetable 2018-19.pdf

Year 10 Homework Timetable 2018-19.pdf

Year 11 Homework Timetable 2018.pdf