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Online banking details: Online Banking Details June 2020.pdf

Whole School

​Attendance Policy                               CPHS Attendance Policy.pdf

E-safety Policy                                     E-Safety Policy.pdf

Uniform Shop Opening      ​ ​                Uniform Shop Opening Hours 2018-19.pdf

​Term dates 2020-21                       ​      CPHS Term Dates School Calendar 2020-2021.pdf

Being Sun Smart (Nurse Emily)            ​Being Sun Smart.pdf

Dr Rebeca's Sun Safety Presentation   Cayman Prep Sun Protection Slides.pdf

​Volunteer Policy                                   Volunteers Policy CPHS 2018.pdf

Volunteer Application                          Volunteer Application and Agreement.pdf

Complaints Procedure                         ​CPHS Complaints Procedure.pdf

Data Protection Policies and procedures

Data Protection Policy                   ​       CPHS-Data-Protection-Policy-2019.pdf 

Cookies Policy                                       CPHS-Cookie-Policy-2019.pdf

Privacy Notice                                       CPHS Privacy-Notice-2019.pdf

Alumni Privacy Notice                           CPHS Alumni-Privacy-Notice-2020.pdf

Taking and storing of images Policy     CPHS taking storing and using images of students policy 2019.pdf

CCTV Policy                                           CPHS CCTV Policy.pdf

Primary School 

New Library Hours                               NEW LIBRARY HOURS SIGN.pdf

​Primary School Handbook                   ​Primary Parent Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

​Afterschool Care Info                           AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAMME and FORM 2020.pdf


 unifrog logo.PNG                                


Link to Accelerated Reader and Primary School Library system: click on appropriate logo below to login:

Accelerated.jpg                  dfimage.png

Remote Learning Links

Office Teams



​​​High School​​

High School Handbook                         Handbook 2020 - 2021.pdf                          ​

Food for Thought Menu                         http://www.foodforthought.ky/cayman-prep​ 

​CPHS Equipment List                             CPHS School Equipment List 2018-19.pdf

KS3 Information Session                         ​KS3 Information Evening.pdf

KS4 Information Session                        ​KS4_Information evening.pdf

Transcript Request are online, please use this link:                        


Information about A-Level Scholarships:

Information about A-Level Scholarships can be found on the Cayman Islands Government Education website;


All applicants must create an account and upload their information and documents to the Local Scholarships Application site;