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Online banking details: Online Banking Details June 2020.pdf

Whole School

​Attendance Policy                               CPHS Attendance Policy.pdf

E-safety Policy                                     E-Safety Policy.pdf

Uniform Shop Opening      ​ ​                Uniform Shop Opening Hours 2018-19.pdf

​Term dates 2020-21                       ​      CPHS Term Dates School Calendar 2020-2021.pdf

Being Sun Smart (Nurse Emily)            ​Being Sun Smart.pdf

Dr Rebeca's Sun Safety Presentation   Cayman Prep Sun Protection Slides.pdf

​Volunteer Policy                                   Volunteers Policy CPHS 2018.pdf

Volunteer Application                          Volunteer Application and Agreement.pdf

Complaints Procedure                         ​CPHS Complaints Procedure.pdf

Data Protection Policies and procedures

Data Protection Policy                   ​       CPHS-Data-Protection-Policy-2019.pdf 

Cookies Policy                                       CPHS-Cookie-Policy-2019.pdf

Privacy Notice                                       CPHS Privacy-Notice-2019.pdf

Alumni Privacy Notice                           CPHS Alumni-Privacy-Notice-2020.pdf

Taking and storing of images Policy     CPHS taking storing and using images of students policy 2019.pdf

CCTV Policy                                           CPHS CCTV Policy.pdf

Primary School 

New Library Hours                               ​Library Open Book Exchange Hours 2020-21.PNG

​Primary School Handbook                   ​Primary Parent Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

​Afterschool Care Info                           AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAMME and FORM 2020.pdf


 unifrog logo.PNG                                


Link to Accelerated Reader and Primary School Library system: click on appropriate logo below to login:

Accelerated.jpg                  dfimage.png

Remote Learning Links

Office Teams



​​​High School​​

High School Handbook                         Handbook 2020 - 2021.pdf                          ​

Food for Thought Menu                         http://www.foodforthought.ky/cayman-prep​ 

​CPHS Equipment List                             CPHS School Equipment List 2018-19.pdf

KS3 Information Session                         ​KS3 Information Evening.pdf

KS4 Information Session                        ​KS4_Information evening.pdf

Transcript Request are online, please use this link:                        


Information about A-Level Scholarships:

Information about A-Level Scholarships can be found on the Cayman Islands Government Education website;


All applicants must create an account and upload their information and documents to the Local Scholarships Application site;