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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Useful Information:​​

​​​​Whole School

Term Dates 2018-19​                             CPHS Term Dates School Calendar 2018-2019.pdf

Term Dates 2017-18                            CPHS Term Dates School Calendar 2017-2018.pdf

Being Sun Smart (Nurse Emily)            ​Being Sun Smart.pdf

Dr Rebeca's Sun Safety Presentation   Cayman Prep Sun Protection Slides.pdf

​Volunteer Policy                                   Volunteers Policy CPHS .pdf

Volunteer Application                          Volunteer Application and Agreement.pdf

Primary School 

Feb 2018 Primary Lunch Menu             Cayman Prep February 2018 Menu.pdf

March 2018 Lunch Menu                       Cayman Prep March 2018 Menu.pdf

New Library Hours                               NEW LIBRARY HOURS SIGN.pdf

​Primary School Handbook                   Primary School Handbook 2017 - 2018.pdf

​Afterschool Care Info                           AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAMME.pdf

​High School​​

High School Handbook                        CPHS Handbook 2017-18.pdf

Year 10 & 11 Exam Timetable               Year 10 and 11 Exam Timetable Student Copy.pdf

IGCSE, AS and Alevel Exam Timetable   IGCSE and AS Alevel Exam Timetable 2018.pdf

Term 2 High School Clubs                    After School Clubs High School - Term 2.pdf

Food for Thought Feb-Mar Menu          Food for Thought Lunch Feb-Mar.pdf    

Food for Thought April May Menu        ​April May HS Lunch Menu.pdf

CPHS Equipment List                            CPHS School Equipment List.pdf

Transcript Request Form                        TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM.DOCX

Christmas Study Guides                        Year 7 Christmas Study Guide 2017.pdf

                                                              Year 8 Christmas Study Guide 2017.pdf

                                                              Year 9 Christmas Study Guide 2017.pdf

High School Homework Timetable 2017-18

Year 7 Homework Timetable.pdf

Year 8 Homework Timetable.pdf

Year 9 Homework Timetable.pdf

Year 10 Homework Timetable.pdf

Year 11 Homework Timetable.pdf